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Makeup Care 101-Must knows for any makeup wearer


1. NEVER share makeup. If it is your personal makeup you have either put it directly onto your face or have put in a brush that has touched your face. In order to do someone elses makeup use theirs or have a client makeup set and only put your brush into the powders once and put things like lipstick onto your hand then apply to the lips with a brush. If you don’t you are just spreading bacteria.

2. Make sure you deep clean your brushes once a week and spot clean daily with an antibacterial spray. If not, for one, your brushes will be beyond gross, and two to get rid of nasty bacteria that can cause acne.

3. Make sure to remove your makeup at the end of the day. Your skin needs to breathe not to mention it can cause some really gross pillow cases. If you can’t use a face wash at least use a makeup wipe.

4. Never keep makeup past it’s date. If you don’t know when it goes bad go chart of how long each typically last, and make sure it smells and has the same texture/color as when you bought it.

5. Always moisturize, even if you are oily. Your face will try to make more natural oils if you don’t making you more oily. If you are dry skinned it is a must! WIthout a moisturized face your makeup cakey really quickly and doesn’t apply as evenly.

6. Always use SPF during the daytime. The sun isn’t good for your skin which we already know and follow when the weather is nice. But the sun is still there in the fall and winter so you need to keep your skin protected, unless of course you want wrinkles and sun spots.